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Below is a collection of some of the reviews we've received over the years about our products. If you would like to submit a review, we'd love to add it to this page so others will benefit from your experiences.

General Comments


Thank you very much on your speedy shipping methods. I just received the shampoo and body soap today. Hope it works. Once again Thank You

Rockville, IN


I usually get patches of Eczema in my hair about once a year and in the past have been able to clear in up with in a month. This last time, however, it has lasted about 6 months and I was starting to get patches on my face. Since nothing I used in the past helped, I made an appointment with the doctor, but had to wait a month to get in to see him. In the mean time, I found your site on the internet and sent for your free sample. I received them and started using them a few days before going on a business trip. By the time I got back, my Eczema has all but disappeared. I would never have tried your product if it wasn't for your free samples and I plan to order your products to keep on hand. Thanks for making such a great product.

Pittsburgh, PA

To: Skin Treat

I was hoping someone would let me know if this product is safe for my 11 year old daughter to use, like myself my daughter has psoriasis. I'm tired of giving her medicine from the skin doctor to apply to her skin. A friend told me about your product and can not believe how wonderful it is and how fast it worked on his psoriasis. He was 80 percent covered with it.

Thank you
Staten Island, NY

To Skintreat

I just wanted you to know that I got a sample of your cream and I had a patch of skin on my leg that had been bad for about three years I went to the doctor and nothing helped after using your sample the spot went away I don't know if it will stay gone nut I am surely thankful for the sample and when I am in the position to order some I will THANK YOU!


To Skin Treat

A few weeks ago I received your free samples of both the cream and shampoo. Within three days my condition of dandruff and flaky skin on my face was gone. After years of suffering and spending hundreds of dollars on medications that didn't work including coal tar, salicylic acid and hydrocortisone which thinned my skin badly, your product is a miracle. I will never be without it again. I've also recommended your product to another family member who also suffers greatly. Thank you so much and I hope we have a lasting business relationship.

New York

Hello Skin Treatment Center.....

I "discovered" you on the internet, and am thrilled to find that your products REALLY "WORK" !

I cautiously purchased a cream & a spray, and within TWO DAYS my scaly, itchy skin found blessed relief....

I cannot thank you enough!!  I'm telling everybody about you........even myDoctor......

Just had to write & tell you,  because for over 40 years I have suffered with contact dermatitis and have tried countless creams, lotions, etc.

I am so thrilled with my "new" skin...........I can wear short sleeves again.

Thank you, thank you!!!...............Jerelyn Rothnem

Seven years ago I first noticed red, scaling spots on my elbows and a couple of
years in the groin area. My doctor (and 10 other doctors after her) told me I
suffered from sebhorreic dermatitis and prescribed Nizoral and a whole
truckload of other medicines. Some of them brought relief, but as soon as I
stopped the drugs, my symptoms recurred. During the sommer months, I also had
large lesions on my scalp, and the worst 'dandruff' you can imagine. In March
2003 I started using Head and Shoulders new Zinc Pyrithione formula for my
scalp, and within weeks my scalp was clear. I started using H&S on my elbows
and in the groin area, and my skin got better for a while but never cleared up
completely. I went in search for an alternative product and found ZP in spray
form --
it took one month of 1 single application a day to get rid of all my
problem spots.
The alcohol in the spray burned a bit, and in the first days of
treatment skin came pealing off
-- I was very worried for a few days. But it
seems to be a rejuvenating reaction -- the skin just grew back perfectly

Martin, Taipei (

Sincerely, I would like just to express my compliments to your service which was prompt, superior and excellent in sense of quality.

Thanks again

Your customer,
Milos Pregl, Slovenia

Baker Cummins

There is nothing like your P&S liquid. It is the only thing I have found to help the psoriasis on my scalp. I thought I would go crazy with the itching until I found this. Please do not stop making this!!!

Sandra Wilmes

My mother swears by this product! She has had psoriasis for over 30 years and P&S Liquid is the only product with which she has expressed confidence. When our local drugstore closed and no one else carried the product, it was very comforting for her to know that it could be purchased online.


Baker's P&S Liquid for Scalp. Great product!

Having severe psoriasis including scalp, nails, and psoriatic arthritis, this is the only product in 30years I have ever found that works. I have tried everything. However, I have a very hard time finding a store that carries it. And for the first time ever, I have not been able to find a store who will order it. What's the problem?

Pam Marston

I've had Psoriasis for 45+ yrs and an old family Derm suggested I use Bakers P&S Liquid on my scalp. I've used it for all these years and nothing beats it! It is messy, but it does the job like no other product I've tried for severe scalp psoriasis. I often have to look all over for town for it. Thank god for the Internet!

Anne Serpa

I have had shingles to both sides of the scalp. In a desperate attempt to get relief, which prescription products did not achieve, I purchased the most expensive shampoo at a Super One store...P&S Shampoo. It works. I recommended it to my determologist, who uses it himself. Ruston, LA is the only Super One store where I have found it on the shelf.

A difficult product to find ~ and worth every penny!

Melba K

Blue Cap Products

I just wanted to let you know how phenomenal I think your product is. I have had a moderate-severe case of psoriasis for well over 3 yrs. and have tried every RX imaginable (needless to say mucho dinero's). This is the 1st product that I have found that truly works. They say there is no cure for psoriasis...I disagree. Blue Cap is THE CURE!!! Thank you so much. It isn't completely gone, but it is far better than it has ever benn. I almost have no visible signs...and here in the Northeast, it is still winter where my psoriasis should be at it's peek. You wouldn't really know it by looking at me. Just wanted to praise you and let you know I am recommending it to anyone I know w/psoriasis or excema.

Norwood, MA


Dear Skintreat,

I am writing for my son who has had eczema on his feet and hands for ten years. He could not do the sports he loved and some days his feet were cracked so badly he couldn't walk. We have tried many, many products, including cortisone of course, and including zinc cream. Blue Cap is the only thing that has worked; your form of zinc must be somehow more bio-available. He noticed improvement after 24 hours of using the spray. That was three weeks ago and his feet continue to improve to the point that we dare hope it will be controlled enough to play basketball again without days of agony following a short workout. Thanks for your time, and thanks for your product.

Jane A.

Dear Skintreat,

I just heard about your product and tried it for the first time last week. I have been a psoriasis sufferer for 13 years and didn't think anything would work for me other than corticosteroids. After suffering the side effects of long term use I knew I needed to find another product. In three days, my skin was at least 50% better from use of the blue cap spray, and I can sleep easier knowing I no longer need the steroids. Just wanted to say thanks.
Rock on.

Los Angeles, CA

To Whom It May Concern,

The Blue Cap spray did a great job. All flaky skin gone. I am ordering more as a spare in case I need it.

West Burlington, IA

Dear Folks at SkinTreat,

I received this sample of BLUE CAP CREAM in the mail. It is truly the most remarkable product I have ever used! I am 62 years old and have suffered from psoriasis since high school. There are very few products on the market I haven't used. With BLUE CAP there was relief from itching almost immediately.

Thank you so much and God bless the inventor of BLUE CAP CREAM!!!!!!!!

Muskegon, MI

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been plagued with scalp itch for the past three years. It circled the back half of my head from ear to ear. I was constantly scratching and picking dead skin and scabs off.

I tried every type of shampoo and sprays that the pharmacist recommended. Needless to say, they didn't work. Some of them even made it worse.

Then I was introduced to "Blue Cap Shampoo" and "Blue Cap Spray" by one of your salesmen, Dan McNerlin. Within two weeks the itch was completely gone. I couldn't believe a product could work that fast and well. This was two months ago and I still use the products weekly. I have had no reoccurrence, even though I feel like scratching for old time's sake.

Thank you for your product and I highly recommend it to anyone with a scalp itch or skin rash.

Patton, PA

Skin Treatment Center,

I am writing to you to let you know that the Blue Cap spray that I ordered from your company is really working. I received Blue Cap on February 4, 1999 and within 5 days I began to see a difference in my skin.

Thank you Skin Treatment Center.
Houston, TX

Skin Treatment Center,

Can't tell you how very much I appreciate the great results from using the samples of Blue Cap Cream. I've used the cream for just a few days and, believe me, it has helped me more than any Prednisone creams the doctor gave to me. I had rashes with little blisters which the doctor said was contact dermatitis. The itching has completely gone, thank God and Blue Cap.Just had to let you know.

Monroe Township, NJ

TO: Skin Treat

My daughter has been using BLUECAP for about 4-5 months for psoriasis. It has improved her skin condition by about 95 percent. She is only 12 years old and started with psoriasis about 8 months ago.

All I can say is thank you so much for this wonderful product. It is helping so many people with different types of skin conditions. I really hope this product will be around for many many years.Thank you very much for all you have done for us

Thank you and best wishes
Roseanne A and Elizabeth A

To: SkinTreat

For about 15 years I have been plagued with the skin disorder called psoriasis. Besides the fact that I have been suffering from a dry, scaly, itchy scalp, it is also quite embarrassing. This skin disorder use to go away throughout the summer season and inflame during the fall, winter and spring. Now for some reason, whether it has to do something with the depletion of the ozone layer, I have to deal with it year round. Then I found Blue Cap. After a few days of use I saw immediate results and no longer had that embarrassing flaky/itchy scalp. It is a shame that there is not a cure for this disorder but I am thankful for the temporary relief that this product provides. This is a wonderful product and I greatly appreciate that there is a company that can understand the discomfort that this skin disorder can cause. There are no other shampoos or over the counter products that come close to working as well as Blue Cap.

Once again I would like to say thank you to the skin treatment center and God bless you.

Carbondale, IL

To: Skintreat

Your product works the best for me. I am 38 and have had psoriasis for 25 years. I have only 10% psoriasis on my body now thanks to Blue Cap. Only people who have this condition know what we go through.

Thanks again.
J Collins

To Skin Treat

I suffer from the skin condition called Eczema ever since I was 9 years old. When I say nothing ever worked for me I mean nothing I was getting married August 18 2001 and was very upset that I had a beautiful dress but ugly skin. My mother was reading an artical in a magazine and I heard about Bluecap Spray and at that time I said what do I have to lose and boy am I glad I did because I saw an instant change I don't believe in infamercials but I must tell you that if there was a spokes person you were looking fir I would definitely be the one because I am speaking from experience. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO INVENTED BLUE CAP PRODUCTS!



Dear Sir/Madam

I have purchased Blue Cap products from you in the past and found them to be very beneficial in the treatment of my psoriasis. The problem is that I am in Australia and with the exchange rate and cost of freight at the moment the price is beyond my means. Do you know of any company in Australia that sells Blue Cap products? Or how I would be able to find this information? Thank you for your time.

P. Watson

4050 NW 4th STREET

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have been using Blue Cap for some time now. My experience with this product has been good.

BV Lanen

To: Skin Treat

Thank you so much for all the information. I do believe that Blue Cap will be the only cream I do use. It has helped me so very much. Do get the word out that Blue Cap does work and it is without that prednisone. Prednisone is so very bad for so many reasons. My sister has had very bad effects from prednisone because she took it for pain in joints. Thank you so very much. I know I will tell everyone I know about Blue Cap.


Have a great day. I know I will!!

Monroe Township

Hi, I have used the Blue Cap spray for about 6 months now and it works great. However my psoriasis comes back every so often depending on what I eat. I am curious about the skincap spray. What's the difference between the skincap and bluecap sprays? I am also curious about the shampoo and the capsules. I have tried many products in the past and bluecap spray is the only one that works, so I figure this time I may try some other products from you guys. Thanks a lot.

Mike Lee

Dermarest Products

I recently bought some of your shampoo which I think is great!

- Susie M.

I've used the skin treatment and it has worked wonders.

-Adrienne A.

I have been using your Psoriasis Medicated Scalp Treatment for about 1 year now and it has been the best results I have ever had from an over-the-counter or prescription medication product. Thank you so much for your FANTASTIC product!

- Heather N.

Thank you so much for your wonderful product that you have developed. I have tried every shampoo to help with my psoriasis and your product is the only one that has worked. I can't believe the itching has finally stopped after 13 years of flakes and itching. I love your product please don't ever discontinue this product. Thank you again.

- Tanya B.

When I first saw your Medicated Skin Treatment on the shelf I was a little hesitant in trying it but decided to anyway. I must say I was fairly surprised by it. I have very bad spots on my elbows and it did make them feel better, but they were not going away. Over the last three days I have been using your product then applying my prescription cream from my Dr. and the spots are almost gone. I believe that using your product softens the plaques so the prescription can work better to help heal the spot. Thanks a lot I will continue to use your product and tell others about it.

- Kris D.

Unbelievable! I had psoriasis like mad on my scalp. I used Dermarest® three times a week for two weeks. The psoriasis is gone! It is like it was never there! Thank you for such a great product.

- Mike D.

I am thrilled with your Dermarest® Psoriasis Skin Treatment gel! I've been using it for 10 days, and I can see major improvement in the persistent facial redness I've suffered for years. Finally, my face looks normal! Thanks!

- Michael L.

I have a product of yours - Dermarest® Eczema Long Lasting Moisturizer. This product works great - thanks!

- Dawn

I'm 27yrs old and I have tried some of everything to help my psoriasis. When I used this brand, I thought just another product, but I have to say that this is the best. It clears it up and stops the itching and as long as I've been using this product I haven't gotten any new flare-ups. Thank You!

- Jennifer J.

I have had psoriasis for a long time now and your Scalp Treatment really does help me a lot. ThankYou.

- Debra B.

I have been using your Eczema Medicated Lotion - it really works for me. Thank You!!!

- Shirley L.

I've had psoriasis since age 5 & I'm 44 years old now and was thrilled to find your Scalp Treatment. It's the only thing out of tons of products I've tried over the years (including prescriptions) that works. Thanks.

- Jeanette P.


- Mike V.

We have been using your Skin Treatment and the Moisture Cream and it is helping my father who has had it for probably 60 yrs and he is now 81. This product is helping more than anything we have used.

- Beverly G.

I would like you to know that my sister recommended I try the Dermarest® Psoriasis medicated products for a severe case of psoriasis on my scalp as well as my legs...I have been to a Dermatologist who has prescribed multiple products to "manage" the problem with NO success and, in fact, the products he prescribed seem to make the condition worse. The Dermarest® products are the only products that have given me any improvement in my condition and I hope, in time, will resolve the condition entirely.

- Debby H.

I have been using your Eczema Long Lasting Moisturizing Treatment. This has been a wonderful product!

- Lynn W.

Have used Eczema Medicated Lotion for approximately 2 years and love it.

- Jack K.

Love your product (Dermarest® Medicated Shampoo and Conditioner)! I have fragrance and chemical sensitivities and this is a shampoo that I can tolerate (after trying dozens).

- Jennifer B.

I have pretty much tried everything to relieve my psoriasis. My wife brought home some Dermarest® for her scalp and I thought I would try it on the locations where I have it. It has been the only thing that has EVER worked for me. What a great product!

- Mike F.

The Overnight Treatment is great! Thanks.

- Eugene E.

Every time I see or talk to someone that has psoriasis, I tell them about your products and how they have helped me. I have gone from 70 percent of my scalp being covered with psoriasis to about 10 percent.

- Ann L.

I have found your product, Medicated Scalp Treatment, to be the only one which gives me relief from itching. I also use your shampoo-GREAT! Thanks.

- Ruth D.

I just wanted to drop a line to let you guys know how much better my psoriasis symptoms are now that I use the Medicated Shampoo. I was kicked out of the Navy after coming down with psoriasis I had no clue how I would try to manage with the symptoms. No one in my family even has it. After months of trying anything someone said would help, I finally found your shampoo. The cold season seem to be the worst for me. Once again thanks a bunch.

- Amie S.

Hi! I am a big fan of your mousse. Thanks!

- Eric T.

I am writing to you concerning your Dermarest® Rosacea Advanced Redness Treatment. I began using this product several weeks ago to try and help control my Seborrheic Dermatitis. I tried many other products in the past but nothing works more effectively as your product does. I have had no breakout of Seborrheic Dermatitis since I began using your product and my skin looks the best that it has in a long time!! Thank you for helping me to be able to look in the mirror again!!

- John J.

Grandpa's Products

Love your suds! My wife has been going to doctors for some time with a skin rash. Much money was spent on medicines and creams including cortisone. I had been telling her that she took too many showers and was washing the oil out of her skin. Then I discovered your soap for myself and showed her how baby butt soft I was. The bottom line is that we fired the doctors and hired Grandpa. Both of us are now better off and squeezable soft. By the way, I also shampoo what's left of my male pattern hair and it shines.

-Odessa, NY

I want to tell you how much I enjoy your Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap. It did something for me almost like a miracle. I had tried every soap and none of them did what yours did. I was having a problem with body odor. I have to take insulin and a bunch of different medicines. About 5 years ago I started having this problem and was miserable. I searched and searched for the perfect soap, and then I found Grandpa. My prayers were answered. Your soap has changed my life. I can hold my head up again - maybe make a few new friends. From someone who loves and needs your soap.

-Toledo, OH

I think I can blame Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap for my increased water bills! I know that one lathering is quite enough to get clean with this soap, but that creamy lather feels so good on my hair, and the aroma is so refreshing, that I find myself washing all over again before I can stand to turn off the water! Even though the water here is hard, it still makes the richest lather!
-Prague, Czechoslovakia

I have used your product for many years. Having suffered the agonies of eczema and psoriasis, there is nothing to compare to the relief provided by pure pine tar soap. I love the smell of my pine tar soap

-Murray, KY

I wanted to tell you how much my husband loves your soap! He has severe psoriasis, and this soap has helped him more than any of the expensive prescriptions purchased previously.

-West Burlington, IA

Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap is the only soap I've found I'm not allergic to. Your product is outstanding!

-Portland, OR

Our family has been using your Pine Tar Wonder Soap for over 5 years now exclusively. It is truly "wonderful" and a great way to stay clean and healthy. From the woods and swamps of North Florida (where we used to live) to the mountains and valleys of Central Colorado (where we now live) Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap has served us very well. It keeps the small critters off and leaves us clean and good smelling. Thank you so much for a good product!

-Buena Vista, CO

I am a 37 year old housewife, mother, and grandmother. I have a mild case of psoriasis; my daughter has a similar problem. Your soap is terrific. My head doesn't itch and the soap doesn't dry out or affect my permed hair. My daughter's acne is much better. People have noticed how much better her skin looks. But that's not all, my son-in-law trims Christmas trees for a living and he started using the soap too. It removes the pitch from the skin without irritation (it also gets pitch out of clothing, if applied directly). And there's more. I use it to wash my dogs. I raise and show Harlequin Great Danes. Harlequins have a lot of pink skin which irritates easily at times. Using your soap gets the white hair on my dogs really white, avoids the flaky skin, and the fleas don't like it at all. When I take my dog to AKC shows, people ask me what I wash my dog with. My dogs really have shinier, slicker coats. You have a wonderful product

-Buffalo, NY

I just recently discovered your fine soap. It does more than what it says on the box. I use it to kill poison oak, plus wash my hair, plus wash the collars of my son's white shirts, etc. A finer product cannot be found.

-Boyes Hot Springs, CA

I like to give my gardening friends stocking-stuffer gifts - packets of seeds, a bottle of liquid plant food, a ball of good garden twine. This year, they're going to get a bar of Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Toilet Soap. I've used this stuff all my life, and no other soap does a better job of taking grass and weed stains off my hands, It also has a soothing effect on thorn nicks and nettle stings. After a long, cold, wet day in the garden, I fill the tub with hot water, and soak and lather (the soap's odor is almost medicinal); once I dry off, I feel clean as a cowboy on Saturday night. I've even used it on our dog and she emerges flea-free.

-Seattle, WA

We are ordering your liquid shampoo. My wife finished a year of chemotherapy during which time she lost most of her hair; it has returned now, thank God, fuller than ever. She has tried your shampoo, she will use no other. It not only cleans as you say it does, but serves as an excellent conditioner as well. It leaves her hair "clean and with more body", as she proudly says. Please don't change the formula.

-Walled Lake, MI

Gold Bond

Used gold bond Extra Strength for jock itch. Cured it in a day where prescription ointment only made it worse. Bought 3 more

John R

Brand Gold Bond

comments: My wife has been suffering from the excrutiating annoyance of PUPP ( A pregnancy related Rash) Gold Bond Extra Strength Medicated Body Powder is the only product that has relieved her rash symptoms. The Rash is still present but the itch is gone. It's a god sent, My wife is now sleeping instead of up all night scratching. If Gold Bond requires a public review from a real couple who believes in this product we are the couple. May not work for every case of PUPP but it worked on my wife and I couldn't thank you more!! It's truly unbeleivable!! Thank You So Much Gold Bond!!!!

Dan L

Psoriasin Products

Years of suffering, I bought some psoriasin ointment for my knees, elbows and calf area affected with growing psoriasis over the last 8 years. in two weeks, a marked improvement and 8 weeks later, 95 percent gone! I can wear short sleeve shirts and shorts again. All I can say is Thank you for this wonder ointment, it has sure worked for me!


My name is Kerri and my son has psoriasis. I have tried over 17 prescriptions and have had no results. Last week I went to Wal-Mart and found psoriasin on the shelf and figured I would give it a try. This is the only medication that has made a difference, my son's skin looks 90% clear and I just wanted to say Thank You! My son is only 8 years old and has been going through a lot in school with the other kids teasing and asking him questions and your product has made his life much happier.

Thank you again,
Kerri J.

Dear sir,

My wife has used your products and is very satisfied with the results. We have tried numerous remedies over the years and psoriasin has been the most effective for her kind of complaint.

Kind regards
Melvyn T.

I am so thankful for skincap spray and psoriasin. I have had psoriasis since I was a kid and nothing I used every cleared them up. I have been to the doctor and dermatologist and nothing they gave me worked. I have used most over the counter medicines and order  medicine through ad's in the Sunday paper with no relief.
These are the BEST products I have found anywhere and I am very grateful.
I LOVE these products! They really work!!!!
Please continue to send me e-mails about upcoming sale (especially on skincap or bluecap cream, spray, and Psoriasin body wash).

Be sure you continue to carry the phenomenally effective Psoriasin products Gel and Scalp!

Dependent Customer
Cynthia Merriell
San Jose CA

I have psoriasis and i tried clobetasol for several years and my psoriasis just kept getting worst. then, i tried psoriasin and in two months it is 95% gone. but there is still some dark marks left behind.

Samuel Cea
Tujunga, CA

Skin Cap Products

I wanted to tell you how wonderful the Skin Cap products are. I have mild psoriasis on my scalp and researched your site more than a year ago. I purchased the Skin Cap Shampoo and Spray and Cream. The latter I did not use because the Shampoo and Spray worked wonders. It worked so well in fact that I haven't needed to buy anymore or barely use the products in over a year! Recently I've begun to notice the psoriasis is rearing it's itchy head on my head again and I thought "what am I gonna do?" and then I remembered Skin Cap. I'm back for more and have recommended it to others who are equally as satisfied with their results.

Winter Garden, FL

I have had psoriasis for about 12 years,)triggered by strep throat). I often think
only if I had not contracted strep from a co-worker. In any event, I have tried
everything from steroids to UVB therapy and every type of ointment and cream without
When I discovered Skin Cap, my life returned to what it was before this plague.
I can't thank you enough for sparing me the pain and embarrassment of this horrible affliction.
Skin Cap is the only product that has cleared me. I will never stop using this product.

Thank you a million times over.

Cathy D

I have been using the Skin-Cap spray and it seems to be working pretty
well. My husband is having a problem with his scalp, so we would like
to try the free samples for him before purchasing more products.

Susan H.

I am so thankful for skincap spray and psoriasin. I have had psoriasis since I was a kid and nothing I used every cleared them up. I have been to the doctor and dermatologist and nothing they gave me worked. I have used most over the counter medicines and order  medicine through ad's in the Sunday paper with no relief.
These are the BEST products I have found anywhere and I am very grateful.
I LOVE these products! They really work!!!!
Please continue to send me e-mails about upcoming sale (especially on skincap or bluecap cream, spray, and Psoriasin body wash).

hello, I have had bad Eczema all over my face & body for the last 3 years. I have tried everything to get some relief but the only thing that worked for me was steroid creams.Recently I ordered some "skin cap" cream from the "net", and to be honest I was a bit worried about using it because it has quite a scenty smell, and in my experience this usually aggrevates my condition. However the results are amazing!!.My skin is so much more supple and smooth and the redness has almost disappeared, I have just received my 2nd tube of cream in 3 weeks. Is it possible to purchase the cream in a larger tube or will it be available in the UK  soon?


I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your skin cap spray. I have
suffered with scalp psoriasis for 8 years now and have tried literally
everthing out there. For the first time, No itching,NO flaking,No bumps &
lesions, its as if my scalp is normal again.I am 1000% pleased!

Susan T

Alva Amco Products

Just wanted to say I tried Fungicurea and it works - my manicurist said I was beginning to get fungus in my toenail and the pharmacist recommended I try your product. Within 2-1/2 weeks my toenail is looking more like a healthy nail with a small portion to heal.  Thank you again for a wonderful product. 


Hey, Rosacea sufferers...yup, you know who you are! The ones who have wasted all that time with dermatologists and their prescriptions...metrocream, metrogel, finacea, etc. Also, how about the exfollients, astringents, and the other OTC products. And, last but not least, the dreaded infomercial products that you've ordered.

Well. one product and one product only has worked for me and I'm telling you it happened over night! Results you can see and fast!!! And, another plus is that it is lasting!

It's called Prosacea. Drawbacks...sure, but just one. The tube should be larger. I'd buy it in a 55 gal drum!

No joke, fellow Rosaceans...the best investment you will ever make. It works...for me!!!

Steve Player
Amarillo, TX


Stiefel Products


I have been using the sulfur soap for about 6 weeks and, my face has dramatically improved. I will say my face has improved to about 95%.

Tonya Hargrove
Eatonton, GA


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